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Main construction features:

  • Disifectant/detergent tanks integrated in the machine

  • Easy access to tanks

  • Liquid level sensors in each tank

  • Easy 1-button „learning” mode to determine soap/disinfectant quantity

  • Solid, stainless steel construction

  • Two-way operation

  • Turnstile lock release when the power supply is off

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  • Drive power – 2 x 0,18 kW
  • Dimensions – ~2140 x 1072 x1570mm
  • Weight – ~200kg

    Product description

    HYGIENE STATION HS2W REVIC  – an innovative solution for ensuring hand and footwear hygiene in the workplace. Our Hygiene Station, a modern disinfection sluice, actively protects employees and eliminates the risk of bacteria transmission. This device offers flexible parameters, tailored to the individual needs of users.

    HYGIENE STATION HS2W-includes a double-sided shoe washer for thorough cleaning of shoe soles and an intelligent hand disinfection system. The system automatically activates disinfection when the worker places their hands in the correct position, making the process efficient and convenient. After disinfection, the station automatically opens, allowing free entry into the hall.

    Our Hygiene Station has sturdy stairs on both sides, ensuring safe and comfortable use.

    It is available in right and left-sided versions to perfectly fit different work environments. Thanks to the REVIC Hygiene Sluice, employees can be sure that their work takes place in conditions that ensure high hygiene.

    We also offer a video presenting the operation of our hygiene station.

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