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About us

Revic Sp. z o.o is a modern and dynamic company located in Poland, manufacturing machinery for food processing and slaughterhouses, operating on domestic and international market.

Our products meet needs of worldwide food industry, including red meat, poultry, fish, pet food, plant based meat and vegetable processing.

We are focused on customer-oriented approach and professionalism.
Our goal is to produce highest quality machines ensuring optimization of work and maximum safety in use. We design and build our machines according to European standards.

Our goal is quality and safety requirements.

                                                 Some of key elements of our manufacturing profile:

                                           – continuous investment in research and development of production line, newest technologies and new machines

                                           – work to facilitate operation and use of machines

                                           – special care of users’ safety

                                           – assistance in finding the best solution for our customers

                                           Our range of products includes:

* Paddle mixers

* Z type mixers

* Vacuum tumblers

* Tiltable vacuum tumblers

* Grinders

* Heat boilers

* Loading devices

* Social and hygienic equipment

* Smoke chambers

* Slaughtering equipment.